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A New Culture of Learning & Thinking for Success in the 21st Century

By Jim TrifoneThe curricular needs of today's millennial generation are no longer anything remotely resembling that of their parents, let alone grandparents. Rather, the schools of today and tomorrow need to embrace a new "culture of learning and thinking" whereby classrooms become mindscapes for engaging and drawing upon the inherent ...
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Your Brain on Story: The Power of Story as a Teaching Tool for 21st Century Minds

​By Robin MooreThe American Poet Muriel Rukeyser once wrote: "The Universe is made of stories, not atoms." I have always known, on some deep and intuitive level, that humans make sense of the world by telling stories. But I could not prove it. Then I stumbled across the research of Kendall Haven, an internationally-recognized expert on story s...
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Declaration of Interdependence - Written for the 1992 Earth Summit

As we move into the uncharted waters of atmospheric CO2 levels reaching unprecedented values (today calculated at 407 parts per million-, drastic cuts in environmental agencies, policies and philosophy (, this Earth Day is like no other...
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Choose Love, Not Fear by Henry Grayson

When things get stressful in relationships, it is not uncommon for there to be and outburst of anger. One or the other person gets angry and exhibits behavior that can border on violent or manifest in other ways, such as: coldness, raising our voice, ignoring, and arguing.It is so easy to get entangled and take part in the situation. All it takes i...
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Writing in Flow

According to conventional wisdom, there are three types of writers: The Inspirationed Writer, The Prepared Writer and the Butt-in-the-Chair Writer. I have made a portion of my living from the written word since 1978 and, in my time, I have been each of those writers. Each style has its pros and cons. Let's take a closer look:The Inspir...
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