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Faculty Member Henry Grayson, PhD on Your Power to Heal

Faculty member, Dr. Henry Grayson, is on the cutting edge of mind/body/spirit psychology He received his Ph.D. in psychology from Boston University and a 4 year post-doctoral certificate psychotherapy and psychoanalysis from the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health. He has studied neuropsychology, most of the major psychotherapies, the new power therapies (EFT, EMDR, etc.), quantum physics and Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies.His book "Your Power to Heal" will be available in April, 2017 In recent years, clinical research has revealed a high correlation between uncleared developmental and adult traumas and the onset of physical and emotional illnesses For example, people who experienced early childhood traumas were far more likely to have serious illnesses in early adulthood than those who did not suffer from such traumas. Stress is associated with most of our illnesses. 

Although a 2012 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 60-80% of illnesses reported to primary care doctors may have a stress component, stress is more likely a factor in at least 80-90% of such cases. Stress has been linked to stomach issues; muscle aches and pains; joint and back problems; increased blood pressure, increased heart rate; higher cholesterol, increased risk of heart attack; mood problems such as anger, irritability, depression, panic, and anxiety; headaches; low energy; lower bone density, loss of libido; and especially reduced immune response, which makes all illnesses , including cancer, more likely. 

Stress is actually a network of traumas, negative beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, interpretive perceptions, and even "downloads" of family patterns of dealing with stress. Stress is not just from the external happenings, but more important is how we interpret them and how we deal with them. Stress induced illnesses do not just happen out of the blue, and prescription drugs do not eliminate them--they only dull the symptoms temporarily and often create other illnesses nicely called "side effects." If we truly wish for health and happiness, we need to deal directly with the causes of stress, far more important than just popping a pill. 

The good news is that we now have new methods available to us today, especially meridian stimulation and bi-lateral brain stimulation techniques, combined with conscious intent, which are quite effective in clearing out the old survival brain of the disturbing information which creates so much of our stress and therefore our illnesses.

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