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Transcutaneous Acupuncture: The Biochemistry and Physics of Longevity

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and CEO, International Institute of Holistic Medicine, and Faculty Member at The Graduate Institute

Average American Life is 78 years

This average is DECREASED from the 100 years a healthy lifestyle could provide by:

·Obesity—Minus 6 years

·Smoking---Minus 4 years

·Street drugs---Minus 2 years

·Excess alcohol—Minus 2 years

·Inactivity—Minus 5 years

·The Medical System (DRUGS, SURGERY, HOSPITALIZATION)---Minus 4 years


If you avoided those unhealthy problems, you could addADDITIONALLY at least 39 HEALTHY years by:

·Keeping your DHEA healthy—Progesterone, Fire Bliss, Magnesium Lotion, Dr. Shealy's Youth Formula

·Keeping your calcitonin normal--Earth Bliss

·Reducing your Free Radicals 80%--Crystal Bliss

The purpose in life is to help other people, but you must take care of yourself in order to do good to others. Health & Happiness are an inside job! You are living in the temple of your soul. You and only you can make the choices that are essential for heat an longevity

According to Ronald Klatz, D.O., President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, "DHEA is undeniably one of the most crucial predictive factors in diagnosing aging-related diseases." Indeed, DHEA levels are significant indicators of accelerated aging, atherosclerosis, cancer and reduced immune competency. Oral replacement of DHEA has not been proven as safe as natural production of DHEA. Indeed there is risk of inducing hormonally sensitive tumors with oral DHEA.

Over the past 20 years I have demonstrated that 4 techniques safely assist in rejuvenating the body's ability to make DHEA:

·Stimulation of the Ring of Fire, an acupuncture circuit

·A combination of 2000 mg of vitamin C, 1000 mg of MSM, 60 microns of molybdenum and 3 mg of beta 1,3 glucan

·Magnesium lotion (incidentally oral and IV magnesium do not raise DHEA)

·Natural progesterone, in men and women

·This combination raises DHEA an average of 250% from baseline and has not been seen to raise DHEA above the normal range. Incidentally, healthy levels for men are 650 to 1250 nanograms for men and 130 to 980 nanograms per deciliter for women. The best lab for testing DHEA is Nichols in Capistrano, California. DHEA-S is not as reliable as the DHEA; it is similar to total testosterone and not available physiologically!

Initially electrical stimulation at 52 to 78 GHz at one billionth of a watt to the Ring of Fire was used, but because this requires 20 minutes, an alternative method with a specific blend of essential oils was developed and it requires only 30 seconds.

Since a common cause of death in the elderly is hip fracture from osteoporosis, prevention of osteoporosis is a significant requirement for healthy aging. Injections of genetically modified calcitonin have been available but long term use significantly increases the risk of cancer. Electrical stimulation or Transcutaneous Acupuncture of the Ring of Earth restores calcitonin. Fortunately a specific blend of essential oils applied to the same acupuncture circuit raises calcitonin and requires only 30 seconds.

Free radicals are a major contributor to all degenerative diseases and the insidious gradual deterioration of the aging body. Stimulation of the Ring of Crystal with electricity or Transcutaneous Acupuncture reduces free radicals 80%, far greater than any other reported technique. Once again, because of the time required with electrical stimulation, a specific blend of essential it has been tested and found to reduce free radicals 80%. It also requires only 30 seconds.

Telomeres, the tips of DNA, are the strongest physical representation of potential longevity. With good health habits, telomeres shrink one percent each year of life. Using human DNA frequency of 52 to 78 GHz, applied to the entire body one hour each night was demonstrated, in 34 individuals, to regenerate telomeres an average of 3.5% each year. 3.5% annual regeneration of telomeres.

In the last four years, in 14 individuals, 3.5% annual regeneration of telomeres was accomplished using Transcutaneous Acupuncture on the Rings of Fire, Earth and Crystal.

Transcutaneous Acupuncture is the use of specific blends of essential oils applied to acupuncture points. Electrical activation of the Rings of the entire body would require one hour daily. Transcutaneous Acupuncture requires less than 2 minutes daily.

Two other acupuncture circuits have been discovered and studied. Although they are not critical for telomere rejuvenation, they do have other clinical benefits. The Ring of Air raises oxytocin and has been useful in reducing anxiety and depression in 80% of individuals. The Ring of Water optimizes aldosterone and has been most useful in reducing edema.

In almost all aspects of life, everything is related to everything. Perhaps the two most inclusive predictors of longevity are DHEA and telomeres.

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