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The Weed Economy

What are the "weeds" in your life? What parts of you keep insisting on sprouting up even though you have labeled them as unwanted, undesirable, and a nuisance? These are a source of value, if you're willing to transform your relationship to them.

We are now accepting applications for the next cohort of TGI's Leadership Master of Arts program. Schedule an appointment with one of our faculty members to discuss how you can transform your personal and professional weeds into meaningful sources of value.

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Leadership and Learning: An Interview with Anne Griswold

b2ap3_thumbnail_AnneGriswold_7102c.jpgAnne Griswold is the Principal of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness at Altera, a Silicon Valley technology company that is the pioneer of programmable logic solutions.  As someone who has devoted her life to leadership development, Anne's pursuit of the MA in Organizational Leadership at TGI was not only the next logical step in her professional advancement; it was an integral phase of her personal journey and the dedication to lifelong learning that she sees as fundamental to her mission of optimizing human potential.

The following is an interview with Anne about her professional work, her accomplishments and insights, and her experience in the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) Program: 

Q: What made you decide to pursue your Master's in Organizational Leadership at TGI?

 "At the time I was working for LifeScan (a Johnson and Johnson company) and I was seeking another level of professional experience.  I already had one Master's degree and I knew I wanted some kind of continuing education.  Then I bumped into Mel Toomey, the director of the MAOL, and we started talking about what this program was about.  I realized that this could give me the opportunity to really push the envelope and expand my passions and interests in the world of learning and development, which has been my field for more than 20 years.  What I really wanted to explore when I enrolled in the program was this: how do you build sustainable leadership capability within organizations?"

Q: Can you say a little bit more about what you mean by "sustainable leadership capability?"

"Well, I first became interested in this idea when I ran my own consulting business.  I started to realize that a lot of organizations have leaders who uncover great insights when they are engaged in conference or training programs and do shift behaviors a little after the learning, but when they go back on the job, something gets lost.  For some reason they stop applying the new behavior.  My interest was in finding out why behaviors revert back and finding ways to change systems, structures and processes to build the sustainability of leadership inside organizations.  I've been on that journey ever since.

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