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Empowering Relationships

Thursday May 14  |  7 - 9pm

Follow your heart and learn to build healthy relationships in this introduction.  Join these dynamic and delightful young couple to understand how an electric engineer from Iowa found a psychologist turned recording artist and spiritual teacher from Australia to forge a delightful relationship that nourishes both parties and allows them to offer gifts to others.  Hear Arjuna’s story of gathering energy and charging batteries from the air and Gayatri’s transformation from a psychologist to a recording artist while gathering a taste of the powerful techniques they will offer in their weekend workshop.  This is an introduction to a 2-day workshop on May 23-24th.  

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Cooperative Permaculture Garden Team

Wednesday May 13  |  6 - 8pm

Join us for an organizational meeting regarding the permaculture garden ready to be created on the campus of The Graduate Institute.  Permaculture is a set of design principles that initially were focused on soil, water, and plants, but which are applicable to every area of life.  Permaculture reduces the need for artificial fertilizers and pesticides; utilizes water effectively; creates healthy soil; and helps reduce our carbon footprint.  These ancillary benefits are in addition to the large amount of nutritious organic food that we can create in a very small space.  Join us to learn these exciting techniques and to work with others committed to holistic values, healthy food, and a bright future for the earth.

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Ecotherapy Workshop

Wednesday, May 20  |  6:30pm - 9pm

Join us for an evening with Ed O’Malley to explore the benefits of Ecotherapy.  Foster a deeper understanding of who we are by restoring our place in Nature and recognizing our interconnectedness with all of life. Ecotherapy involves cultivating a very personal relationship with nature, something that we seem to have lost over the years. In the process we come to appreciate how all life is sacred, which propels our own healing process. Ecotherapy teaches how to facilitate this reconnection, sharing it with others so that they may heal as well.

TGI’s Ecotherapy and Cultural Sustainability Certificate program is designed to be experiential, that is, participants are fully immersed in nature. We learn the wisdom of Indigenous elders, explore plant growth cycles and their medicines, study permaculture principles and other aspects of sustainable agriculture, and develop Nature practices that bring us closer to the land, and to each other. The curriculum offers a broad approach to explore our relationship with Nature, for those who are already therapists, some who are planning to start a practice or anyone looking to explore self-healing. We will meet you where you are and allow you to benefit from the full array of offerings while simultaneously carving out a niche for yourself in any area of Ecotherapy that you are passionate about.

Come, learn about how you can restore that deep awareness of Nature, and to teach others to do so. 

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A Weekend Festival of Ideas, Engagement, Music, Play and Food

Featuring panels and workshops on 
Creating the New Story

with Dr. Chris Martenson, Economic Researcher, Futurist, and Econo-Blogger
Charles Eisenstein, Philosopher and Author
Becca Martenson, Community Builder, Healer and Teacher

Friday, June 12 – VIP Dinner at The Graduate Institute, Bethany, CT
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Saturday, June 13 – New Story Festival at the Unitarian Society, Hamden, CT
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 Join us to hear these uncommon voices leading us into the new story of resilience, interdependence, the gift economy, and joyous community.

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The Place for Mindfulness in Education – Unique Approach to Teacher Training

April 16, Webinar

  • 4 to 5:30pm

April 23, Onsite and Webcast

  • Session 1: for Educators - 4 to 5:30pm
  • Session 2: for Non-Educators - 7:30 to 9pm

Urban educators are eligible for partial tuition grants to facilitate enrollment in this highly effective program.

We all know that teaching shapes future generations and a teacher’s influence goes beyond the classroom.

Join us for an Open House and Dialogue as we delve into what makes a teacher’s influence life changing. Along with Mindfulness in Education Master Teacher Lawrence Carroll and TGI President Michael Pergola, we will explore how mindfulness practices can significantly increase “the sweet spot for learning”. You will learn approaches to strengthen classroom relationships, how to increase student safety and encourage academic risks that make the classroom experience relevant to your students’ future.

We will also give you Information on TGI programs that will provide you with the tools you need to implement these changes into your life. Our Learning & Thinking Master’s Degree Program specially tailored for Connecticut teachers seeking a Masters or sixth year degree. Our new certificate in Social Harmony adds 12 credits focused on building emotional intelligence, and the relationship skills that reduce or eliminate bullying issues in the school community.

The RAND Corporation report that “teachers impact student’s achievement two to three times more than any other aspect of schooling” (2014). Dr. Gazzaniga, University of California Psychology Professor, write that “No ability or skill will unfold unless it is given the appropriate environment.”

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