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Help Launch a New Story!

Update: This event will be rescheduled.
Date to be determined. 

You are invited to a Holiday Reception & Community Dialogue

b2ap3_thumbnail_tgi.jpgSaturday, December 6, 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Pot Luck – Bring a Dish!

  • Enjoy delicious food
  • Experience Tibetan Overtone Chants
  • Help create a vision for the future of TGI
  • Meet the new management team & hear about upcoming programs
  • Experience “Original Play” with long time Omega Institute Facilitator Howard Moody


Meet like-minded people, have fun, make a difference and join a vibrant community

Re-connect with Old Friends – Make a New Friend

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Awakening the Hidden Storyteller: Discovering your Natural Storytelling Abilities

A Workshop with Robin Moore:  December 11, 6pm – 8pm​

b2ap3_thumbnail_Robin-Moore.jpgJoin us for an evening of compelling storytelling and personal discovery as we explore the essential elements of storytelling, story-listening and story-creating with Author and Storyteller Robin Moore.

Robin believes that each of us has a natural–born storyteller inside, waiting to be released. Journeying to the sound of his Celtic Harp, we will dive deep into the imagination and return with vivid story material which will allow us to create compelling narratives from mythic, cultural and personal memory.

Come prepared to learn something about yourself and to enjoy the deep satisfaction that comes from crafting a story which emerges directly from the imagination and can be shaped and formed into that tiny jewel of verbal artistry that we call Story.

Robin Moore has made his living for 32 years as a professional storyteller. He has presented more than 5,000 storytelling programs and workshops and has told stories to more than one million people. Robin was named National Storyteller of the Year and has taught Storytelling at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and at Omega Institute.  He is the author of more than a dozen books, including Awakening the Hidden Storyteller, his award-winning storytelling instructional manual. He holds a Master’s Degree in Oral Traditions from the Graduate Institute and has served as Program Coordinator for The Oral Traditions Program for twelve years.

Robin is working with the TGI faculty to launch the new Applied Storytelling Certificate Program which focuses on the pervasive power of story while empowering participants to become skillful storytellers and story practitioners—using story as an agent for positive change in the fields of business, education, wellness, social activism and personal growth. The program is slated to launch in late Winter of 2015.

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Emotional Well Being and Holistic Health: The Best of East and West

You are invited…

Tuesday, December 9th, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

A rare opportunity to meet a master practitioner Enrico Cheli, Ph.D., one of the foremost transpersonal psychologists in Europe

“Emotional Well Being and Holistic Health: The Best of East and West”

Are you seeking greater satisfaction and balance in life? Come join Enrico to explore…

  • conscious relationships 
  • greater self-awareness
  • emotional intelligence and 
  • mindful daily living



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Manifesting Your Perfect Life: Finding Inspiration & Purpose in Times of Transition

Wednesday, December 3, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Presented by Eva Archer Smith, executive coach, business executive, spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker

Looking for your next right step at home or at work?

Eva Archer Smith an expert in the field of effectiveness, transformation and personal discovery through one-on-one coaching, team development, and motivational speaking, has a unique ability to stimulate growth and change. She does this — as her Fortune 100 clients attest — by inspiring people to identify old habits that block success and to discover new ways to think and act, even in the midst of change or challenge.


“My purpose (or shall I say my passion?) is to help people see the things that frustrate them, hold them back, or keep them or their organizations from moving forward in new and creative ways. It sounds too easy, but simply by changing our perspective on these former “obstacles,” we change the way we behave, and the chain of reactions around us evolves from holding us back to setting us free.” – Eva Archer Smith

Wednesday, December 3, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Please arrive between 6:30 and 7pm.  Carpool if possible

Please click here to RSVP

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A Spotlight on – Integrative Health and Healing

The Graduate Institute is known for innovative degree programs in emerging fields. One of the most popular programs is the MA in Integrative Health and Healing. TGI offers both degree and certificate programs.

Denise Romano, Program Coordinator in the Integrative Health and Healing program describes the experiences as:

“A Model of self exploration where students see the various treatment modalities as pieces of themselves and through exploration, become an integral part of who they will become.”

She goes on to say, “You can’t help but grow as a person...and that makes you more marketable and secure in yourself. It also helps you to discover what your true passion is. The internships give you the opportunity to explore those passions in depth.”

Why choose Integrative Health and Healing?

“The concrete answer is that this is a field that is becoming more and more open in medicine/health, so that it is actually possible to create your own niche in an area and then create a career based on the knowledge that you gain. Going through the program allows you to absorb many different ways of looking at health and healing from Western and Eastern perspectives. The student has such a broad array of tools to use now and this will certainly make an integrative approach to healing the way of the future!”

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