THE FUTURE IS HOLISTIC Masters and Graduate Certificate Programs in Education, Health, Psychology, Writing, and Leadership

Integrative. Holistic. Transformative.

20 years

For 20 years The Graduate Institute has been offering Masters and Graduate Certificate Programs in Education, Health, Psychology, Writing, and Leadership. The Graduate Institute promotes an Integrative and Holistic Worldview through the study of Health, Wellness, Education and through Personal and Professional Transformation.


The Graduate Institute is no longer accepting new students, however we have two new partnerships where you can continue your holistic studies.

Integrative Health Institute

In January of 2022 Salem University launched the Integrative Health Institute. IHI is the new home for some of the TGI programs that you will find on this website.

If you are interested in any of the programs that you learn about here you can visit IHI to learn what continuing and new programs are being offered.

Coaching With Spirit

Coaching with Spirit teaches you the skills to become an effective coach by learning a transformative way of being in relationship with others.

Coaching with Spirit, formerly offered through The Graduate Institute, is now being offered at Copper Beech Institute in partnership with Guthrie Sayen. The Graduate Institute does not enroll students in coaching but serves as one of several conduits to connect you with them!

Renowned Faculty

Artemis D Morris

Dr Artemis Morris, ND

Dr Artemis D. Morris is a Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, professor of nutrition, researcher, author, and public speaker. Dr Artemis has been an educator for over a decade.
Norm Shealy MD PhD

Dr Norm Shealy, MD, PhD

The world-renown educator, Dr Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, is a visiting faculty member of the Integrative Health MA Degree and Certificate Program
Ann Marie Chiasson

Dr Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, MPH

Our Visiting Faculty Member, Dr Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, MPH, is the Co- Director of the Fellowship at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and is board-certified in Integrative Medicine
Henry Grayson

Dr Henry Grayson, PhD

Study on-site with Core Faculty Member Dr Henry Grayson, PhD, Integrative and Holistic Mindbody Psychotherapist in the Integrative Health and Healing MA Degree Program
Lisa Worth Huber

Dr Lisa Worth Huber, PhD

Dr Lisa Worth Huber, PhD, is a specialist in community peace-building and conflict transformation and has worked in diverse settings as a consultant, facilitator, peace and social justice educator.
Bernie Siegel

Dr Bernie Siegel, MD

Dr Bernie Siegel, MD, is the Academic Co-Director of the Integrative Health and Healing Program. Author of many books, Bernie revolutionized aspects of the medical profession.

The Future is Holistic

Bruce Lipton, PhD

We recently welcomed Bruce Lipton, PhD, best-selling author, The Biology of Belief, as a guest lecturer, and in this video he shares his perspective on The Graduate Institute and the future of education.

Caroline Myss

Best-selling author and visionary Caroline Myss agrees that the work of the Institute will play a vital role in a brighter future.



The Graduate Institute is fully licensed, chartered, and accredited by the State of Connecticut, Office of Higher Education.*

*Those interested in attending graduate school outside of Connecticut after earning a degree at TGI should check with the institution(s) to confirm that they will accept state accreditation.

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