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Mindfulness Meditation Class is offered weekly for the TGI community. 

Mindfulness Meditation Class is offered weekly for the TGI community.  What are the benefits of this practice you may wonder? When we train in mindfulness, we welcome the vertical dimension of reality or the timeless and spaceless because awareness is outside of space and time. It is not conceptual or knowable. This doesn’t sit well […]

Transform your ‘Daily Grind’ into a ‘Sacred Grind’ with Kara & Doreen, the Holistic Nurse

 Would you like your ‘Daily Grind’ to feel more like a ‘Sacred Grind’? And are you feeling drained and overwhelmed by the pandemic? Join us for an exclusive 3-part webinar with Emmy Award Winning News Anchor Kara Sundlun and Holistic Nurse Doreen Fishman on how to manage stress, daily demands and emotions to create meaningful change in your hectic […]

Cultivating ‘Soul Force’ in a fragmented world – Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the 1963 ‘I Have a Dream’ speech,  Martin Luther King, Jr. takes a passionate stand for equality, freedom, and democracy.  He was able to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time. While acknowledging the cruelty and injustice of racial inequality, he was also able to invite a sane and loving road back to […]

Talent is not what you think it is

This blog was originally published here. Finding the voice is like meeting with the true core of one’s identity. Finding the voice as an opera singer is a true parallel to finding the voice in career, relationships, self-development and even spirituality. I did not know what path I was on when I took my first […]

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