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Talent is not what you think it is

This blog was originally published here. Finding the voice is like meeting with the true core of one’s identity. Finding the voice as an opera singer is a true parallel to finding the voice in career, relationships, self-development and even spirituality. I did not know what path I was on when I took my first […]

We all need tools to help us return to peace instead of remaining in fear and anxiety.  

Tools to Help Us Return to Peace for Thanksgiving By:  Henry Grayson, Ph.D. We have so much that we are dealing with in this world today. There is so much stress, fear, and concern. Yes, all the stress weakens our immune system. We all need tools to help us return to peace instead of remaining […]

The Power of Forgiveness and Gratitude

Could Forgiveness be a gift and a passage to Grace? When asked to write an article about forgiveness, I felt hesitant. With so much contention in the world how can anyone willingly surrender their strong position and forgive? I consider forgiveness to be a superpower, right up there with gratitude. It’s recognizing there is a state […]

The Healing Power of Stones

Since I first began Fifth Element Beads, my aesthetic goal has been to design jewelry made from my hand made clay beads and accented with simple beautiful stones. At first I selected stones based on their visual appeal. But, soon I found out that customers were more interested in metaphysical properties of stones. One friend, […]

WOT Colleagues Publish First Volume of Creative Writing Series on Amazon.com

What does it mean to “Live the Writer’s Life”? To find out, ten strangers formed a writing cohort, came up with an audacious plan to write and publish and book together, and created “Where the Words Await…Walking the Writer’s Path”. In this first-ever collection of writings by colleagues from TGI’s Writing and Oral Traditions Program, […]

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