Board of Trustees

Enrico Cheli

Enrico Cheli, Psy.D.

Enrico Cheli, Psychologist and Sociologist, is a tenured Professor at the University of Siena (EU) where he served in various positions including Vice-Provost, Dean of a Doctoral School, Director of numerous Research Projects and founding Chair of graduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs in: Interpersonal Communication and Relationships; Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution; Positive Psychology for Quality of life; Emotional Intelligence and Prosocial Skills; Relationships Counseling. He was Adjunct or Visiting Professor at several European, American and Asian institutions of higher education including The Graduate Institute where he serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees since 2015. He is member of several scientific societies including The International Society for Consciousness Studies (ISCS), the Italian Society of Positive Psychology (SIPP), the Italian Sociological Association (AIS) and the Italian National Association of Relationships Counseling at which he also serves as Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board since 2002. He is the author of hundreds of articles and 29 books. He has been studying and practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation since the early 1980s. Personal Website:
Olya Novikova

Olya Novikova, MBA

Secretary and Treasurer
Olya Novikova is former Senior Manager and Director of Finance at The Walt Disney Company where she served for 20 years in various operational and strategic finance roles. After discovering the field of integrative health and personal inner development she decided to enrich her career by integrating her previous experiences as a professional tennis player, corporate finance and strategic manager with current roles of Ayurveda Therapist and Professional Coach. She has extensive experience in finance and strategic business decision support, in developing business through new channels and partnerships, in advocating peace and presence in challenging business situations and in helping people achieve success in personal and professional lives. Previously nationally ranked tennis player, she earned a BS degree in Finance at Pennsylvania State University and a MBA at the University of Southern California. More recently she completed a 5-year Professional Training Program in Ayurveda Therapy and an ICF Accredited Professional Coach Training Program.
Cristina Antoniazzi

Cristina Antoniazzi, MS

Cristina Antoniazzi is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach and served as Adjunct or Visiting Professor of Psychology at various institutions of higher education including The Graduate Institute. She also served as Researcher in Social Psychology and Positive Psychology at Academic and non Academic European Institutions. She earned a BA in Physical Education at the University of Padua (EU) and a BS/MS in Psychology at the same University. She also holds diplomas and certificates in: Interpersonal Communication and Relationships; Holistic Psychosomatics; Integrative Health and Healing. Additionally, she attended continuing education programs and personal development workshops on: Holistic Transpersonal Psychology, Primal Therapy, Who is In; Conscious Dying; Inner Judge; Enneagram. She has been practicing yoga and vipassana meditation since 1990s. She offers courses and workshops on personal development, psychosomatics and emotional release.
Eva Archer-Smith

Eva Archer-Smith, MA

Eva Archer-Smith is an experienced Executive Coach, Facilitator and Keynote Speaker, and an ordained Interfaith Minister. She has a diverse background as an executive and entrepreneur in corporate, governmental, and public service work. In her practice of coaching with emerging and senior executives, she focuses on performance and personal effectiveness. Her areas of expertise include leadership development, emotional intelligence, strategy and project execution, new program/product launches, and innovation and leading change. Eva serves as member of The Graduate Institute Board of Trustees since 2014.
Ilaria Buccioni

Ilaria Buccioni, Ph.D.

Ilaria Buccioni is a Relationships Counselor, Executive Coach and Conflict Mediator. She served as Adjunct or Visiting Professor at various institutions of higher education including the University of Siena (EU). She is currently partner of Peoplerise Inc. (EU) a consultancy focused on organizational development. She is former member of the Steering Committee at the Interuniversity Research Centre for Peace, Conflict Analysis and Mediation (EU). Her experience includes interpersonal and organizational communication and relationships, assessment and development of emotional intelligence, interpersonal and organizational conflict mediation. Before dedicating to teaching and coaching she served for ten years as Director of foreign relations at important Italian corporations. Dr. Buccioni earned a BA/MA summa cum laude in Foreign Languages (Major: English; minor: Russian, French, German) at the University of Florence (EU), and a Ph.D. in Analysis and Mediation of Interpersonal and Intercultural Conflicts at the University of Siena (EU). She also earned certificates in Interpersonal Communication and Relationships and in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. She is the author of numerous articles and 14 books.
Betty J Sternberg

Betty J. Sternberg, Ph.D.

Betty J. Sternberg is the former Commissioner of the Connecticut State Department of Education (the first woman to be appointed since the establishment of the position in 1838) as well as former Superintendent of the Greenwich, Connecticut Public School System and former Connecticut Central University faculty member. Throughout her career, Dr. Sternberg has created and directed many “firsts” including but not limited to Connecticut’s Beginning Educator Support and Training Program (BEST), Connecticut Mastery Tests, Connecticut’s Alternate Route to Certification Program, and the Celebration of Excellence Program. She currently serves as Director of The Teacher Leader Fellowship Program at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), a unique program that partners CCSU, Connecticut Education Association (CEA), American Federation of Teachers – CT, and 15 school districts to create a fellowship of teacher leaders and those who support them. The theme of the work of the fellowship is Teacher Leaders as Enablers of Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation in the Classrooms and Beyond.
Bruce Cryer

Bruce Cryer

Bruce Cryer has been involved in holistic studies both personally and professionally for more than 40 years. His varied career has seen him wearing many hats and exploring many professional passions, always driven by a keen desire to learn how people, communities and systems can work more efficiently, effectively and coherently. He began as a singer/dancer/actor on Broadway, including two years in The Fantasticks, the world’s longest running musical. Bruce has been adjunct professor at Stanford University since 1997 teaching on the role of stress, performance, emotional intelligence, resilience and creativity within the Graduate School of Business, the School of Medicine and the Stanford employee wellness program. He was named CEO of HeartMath in 2000, having helped launch the HeartMath Institute with founder Doc Childre in 1991. In addition to Stanford, Bruce has led initiatives for clients such as Mayo Clinic, University of Delaware College of Health Sciences, Arizona State University, University of California, San Francisco, Center for Health Professions, Kaiser Permanente, New York Open Center, The World Bank, NASA, Unilever, Cisco, Cathay Pacific Airways and the NHS (UK). Bruce is co-author of From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance and the Harvard Business Review article “Pull the Plug on Stress”, both of which feature the HeartMath system. A two year health crisis convinced him to focus his energies on creativity and how organizations and individuals can tap into the full creative capacity of everyone. Bruce once again enjoys robust health while singing, dancing, writing, teaching, mentoring and doing Nature photography. He recently released Renaissance Human, an album of original songs co-created with the Brothers Koren.