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Talent is not what you think it is

This blog was originally published here. Finding the voice is like meeting with the true core of one’s identity. Finding the voice as an opera singer is a true parallel to finding the voice in career, relationships, self-development and even spirituality. I did not know what path I was on when I took my first […]

Respecting The Comma

While this author’s colleagues discussed the intricacies of the editing process during a weekend session of the Writing and the Oral Traditions cohort, he attended his youngest daughter’s high school graduation. Of course, any parent worth the title would make himself available for this momentous event. But this student would like to examine the event […]

The Invention of Grandparents: Exploring the Origins of Multi-Generational Storytelling

Igniting the Imagination It began with fire. Our distant human-like ancestors mastered the primal technology of fire-making more than a million years ago. Even when we were a nomadic people on the African plains, fire gave us a gathering place against the dark of night. Fire gave us a sense of comfort and safety. The […]

Family Memories: WOOLRICH, PA

My mother used to visit my husband and me in Connecticut for a few weeks in the summer. She was in her early eighties then and, except for some hearing loss and eyesight issues, in remarkably good health. One July I asked my friend Sue to drive out with me to Ohio to pick her […]

Whom Do You Love? Navigating the Rough Seas of “Correct” Language

Enjoying Grammar Earlier in the Writing and Oral Traditions Program, we participated in a weekend session involving the importance of play in the classroom. This latest weekend’s editing session got me thinking: Can grammar be enjoyable? Even that very question is enough to make an average teacher recoil. Lucky for you, however, I am not […]

Writing is Hell

I wandered around the unfamiliar community center searching for a group that looked like they would fit the description of a children's writing group. As I walked into a room on the second floor, a woman slammed down a notebook in exasperation and exclaimed that she must be nuts to want to be a writer […]

A Dolphin Tale

The Little Dolphin That Could Our recent cohort session on humor in storytelling reminded me of this moment in time: It was the year of 1995, and all was not well. Andy and I had been married for approximately eight months, and we were still finding our way through life. We got together, both in […]