TGI Special Film Screening – The Twelve – Event Details


TGI Special Film Screening — June 11 

Turn off brain, open your heart and watch this film with us!

Holding the vision of what needs to be for all life to thrive harmoniously on our planet, we connect our current reality, ancestral knowledge, and modern technology.

Here are the details of how to watch the screening and the discussion with the filmmakers. After donating to the film, you will receive this schedule with links to Zoom and YouTube.


6:45 pm EST — Zoom room opens for ticket holders
7:00 pm EST — Zoom intro about movie
7:10 pm EST — Start the movie on YouTube at this time
8:25 pm EST — Movie ends
8:30 pm EST — Q&A with Bruce interviewing Lucy Martens and Peter Giblin
9:00 pm EST — Q&A ends

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Detailed Schedule

6:45 pm — Zoom room opens

7:00 pm — Zoom intro about movie

7:10 pm — Start the movie on YouTube at this time

  • Attend the virtual screening. We will provide a link to you from the Zoom room. We recommend leaving Zoom on during the screening so that it will be easy to return after the film.
    (PLEASE NOTE: The YouTube link will show a private video page that cannot be accessed before 7:00pm. At 7:10pm please use the link we will provide and the page will be live and ready to view the video. If you access the page before 7:00pm, you will have to refresh the page on or after 7:10pm to see the video.)
  • The Twelve is a powerful and beautiful film best viewed on a large screen. This video presentation may be viewed on a smart tv. For help with viewing this video on a smart TV see directions below.
  • The Twelve is 1 hr 15min in length.

8:25 pm EST — Movie ends

8:30 pm EST — Q&A with the Filmmakers

  • After watching the film, return to zoom for a discussion with the filmmakers. This is the same zoom link as before.

9:00 pm EST — Q&A ends

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Viewing The Twelve on a Smart TV

We heartily endorse watching The Twelve on a large tv screen. But due to occasional technical difficulties with mirroring to a tv, we recommend having a computer or laptop as a backup.

If you have Apple TV you may start the video on an Apple device or computer and mirror it to your Apple TV by following these directions. If you have a modern Roku tv (which is Airplay compatible), you can also mirror your video to your Roku tv in the same way.

If you have the YouTube app on an Apple or Android device, you may “cast” your video to many modern brands of smart tv (such as Sony and Toshiba, etc.). Start the video in the YouTube app and use the “Chromecast” button in the app to “cast” the video to your smart tv. Here are more detailed directions.

If you have a SMART TV with the YouTube app installed on the tv you can view the film using the following steps. This is a little trickier than the 2 proceeding options. You must have a YouTube account and be signed in on your YouTube app on the tv.

  1. Use the YouTube movie link above on or after 7:10pm on June 11th so that the YouTube movie page is live.
  2. Use the Thumbs Up “like” button under the video. This will save the video to your “likes” playlist. You must be logged into your YouTube app to “like” a video.
  3. Open the YouTube app on your smart tv and go to your “liked videos” and you will see the video listed there. Choose the video to play it. You must be logged into your tv’s YouTube app to see your list of “liked videos”.